Class Descriptions

"a little progress each day adds up to big results."

ABC(Abs, Butt + Cardio) 


Full Body Blast


Full Body Circuits


HIIT Bootcamp


Core + Stretch

Start your Monday morning off right with this muscle specific class. Strengthening your glutes and core will not only help with back pain and improve your posture it will help give you a leaner and stronger body. This is not all - this class will get your heart rate up to get those heart healthy benefits and burn fat! See you there!

Reach your fitness goals at this class! Are you looking to shape your body and get fit? This is the class for you. What can you expect? Intervals, weights, body weight, sports specific type exercise, partner actives, and a variety of fitness levels. This class is designed to make you stronger, improve your cardio, and burn fat in a fun and fast paced environment.  *NEW Class Thursday at 6:30pm - Starting NOW!*

Have you wanted to try a bootcamp class but was afraid it wasn't for you because it may be to intense? Then this is the class for you. You will work on your entire body through function exercises while working on improving posture and muscle and core strength. 

Lets get moving! Improve speed, quickness and agility in this fast pace sports specific muscle building class. What can you expect? Intervals of all kinds to keep you challenged and wanting more. From weights, to body weight to cardio exercises this class will challenge and improve your strength, endurance and power. 

Core + Stretch is a class you won't want to miss. You will get a balance between relaxation through stretching out the hips, chest and back, while strengthening the deep core and low back muscles. This is a staple class because of its focus on improved back health and over all body awareness and posture. See you on the mat!