move360 is a revolutionized approach to the traditional style of bootcamp. Our method is a dynamic 60-minute workout class created to help get you stronger, more toned and decrease body fat through our 1 minute intervals. Each class will host a variety of exercises to either build muscle or burn fat while working on proper movement patterns so you continue to see more results each class! With HIIT, cross-training, and weight training this is perfect for anyone looking to improve there current fitness levels, take things to the next level, and have fun!

There is a 9 person max in each class to make sure each person is still able to get individualized attention while the energy is still high! We love this class because of its high impact on so many individuals goals and results!

move360 uses a wide variety of equipment such as rowers, sled, battle ropes, suspension training and more!

Your first class is free! Send us an email and we will reserve you a spot!

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