Features Overview


We are Jaclyn and Danielle, Personal Trainers and online fitness coaches. We help dedicated people build healthy habits that get them real results!

We are passionate about helping others create a healthy lifestyle that makes them feel their best. We love to workout, share our knowledge about health, fitness, nutrition, and how to enjoy your life with fitness.

Building a healthy lifestyle is about helping people listen to their bodies, find their confidence and the fun in fitness!

Whether you are a beginner in the gym, or experienced in what you do, we can find a routine that makes you feel challenged, healthy, and confident.

We believe fitness should never feel like a chore, and that you can accomplish anything if you have the dedication.

What our Online Training includes:

Guidance and Education for YOUR goals

  • Free Fitness Consultation either over the phone or via Facetime, Zoom, Skype

  • Choice between 6 week, 12 week plans, or month-by-month

  • Weekly customized workouts for your goals

  • At home workout options

  • Detailed videos explaining and demonstrating each exercise

  • Meal and snack ideas/inspo

Continual Support

  • Check-ins to track progress and adjust your plans

  • Tailored training programs

  • Phone/Skype Meetings

  • 24/7 Real time support

  • Online private community of fellow clients