Healthy employees are more efficient, more productive and, most of all, happier. The result: decreased stress; increased memory, skills and function. Employee wellness reduces sick days and paying for treatments for illness or injury.

NFR will help your company focus on "health care" not "sick care". Wellness is an essential component of every organization’s success, while exercise is the most modifiable determinant of health. Corporate Fitness Training strengthens teamwork and helps transform groups of individual workers into cohesive teams.

Fitness interactions among departments can lead to improved communication, better understanding of roles and more productive staff. In NFR's fitness teambuilding sessions, she combines fun and fitness into team building activities, into meeting openers, lunches and closing events.

Stretch Breaks (30 minutes)

Ideal for: re-focusing, boosting energy, increasing circulation, relieving tension; get ready for the next session

What is it: guided full body stretching, mobilizing, core stabilizing and breathing exercises

Fitness – “Not your traditional Workout” (1 hour)

Ideal for: before or after meetings and retreats

What is it: fitness workshop energizes your team through exercise tailored to fit any space

  • Indoor or outdoor activities available

  • Participants will get a well-rounded workout at any fitness level

  • Individual, partner and group components to promote communication and collaborating as a team in a fun and positive environment

Employee Wellness – 28 Day “No junk” Challenge

Ideal for: Motivating and educating employees to live a healthier life

What is it: Employees team up in groups of 4-6, track daily points for:

  • “no junk” day – 1 point

  • Participate in 30 minutes of exercise – 1 point

  • Weekly fitness class onsite tailored to fit any space – 1 hour in length 

  • Class includes weekly face-to-face motivation with class instructor and team members

  • Full body strengthening, endurance, core, and stretching