Our Physical Rehabilitation  is  Built for you.

Client focused to improve quality of life, manage acute and chronic conditions and improve activity limitations.  In partner ship with Niagara-On-The-Lake Chiropractic we offer a collaborative physical rehabilitation program. The program includes assessment & treatment followed by prescribed rehabilitation exercises. The combination of stretch & strengthen offers a safe & effective approach to rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation Includes

  1. A history, physical exam, diagnosis, and plan of management

  2. Treatment options include soft tissue therapy for tight and inhibited muscle groups, adjustments/mobilizations of restricted joints, laser therapy if required for acute/chronic injuries, ergonomic assessments, education, and an exercise prescription for rehabilitation sessions

  3. Rehabilitation training sessions for inhibited & weak muscle groups. Individual training will ensure proper technique, and functional movement to ensure effective and safe exercise

  4. Education and support programs to prevent re-occurrence, re-injury or function decline 

  5. Exercise Program

Our goal is not just to heal patients and athletes quickly, but to boost their performance and resilience in the long run as well.

Being coached at NFR has been a different experience from other personal trainers I’ve used in the past. The combined approach used by NFR and NOTL Chiropractic (called Phases) is unique and specifically tailored to my needs and goals. Their approach to isolating injuries, fixing muscle imbalances and working the foundational aspects of proper body mechanics gives me the results I’m looking for. Jaclyn helped me stay motivated and focused on my goals. I feel I have a highly qualified team helping me to achieve my personal goals.
— — Mike Clarke