See what Jaclyn's clients are saying

I have known Jaclyn for 5 years and she has been my personal trainer during that time. Jaclyn has always been very professional in the way she approaches a training session being careful to customize a session
regarding past and present injuries, state of health and general physical needs. Her sessions are always interesting and varied.

I would recommend Jaclyn to anyone seeking a personal trainer.
— Roy H.
Jaclyn has been my trainer for the last five months. I find Jaclyn very knowledgeable. She is able to answer all my questions. Jaclyn knows my body’s strengths and weaknesses and what routine is best for me. Also, Jaclyn often changes my workout. We are never bored. I feel more energetic and healthy. Jaclyn is well-qualified and fun to work with.
— Susan R.
It’s been great working with Jaclyn. She works around my medical issues. She makes me sweat while having fun and losing inches.
— Marilyn H.
I love working with Jaclyn! She always inspires, encourages, pushes and motivates me during my workouts. And she does it all with flair and a great sense of humour. Workouts with Jaclyn are never boring and I always look forward to our next session.
— Rosemarie L.
I have been a client of Jaclyn for the past twenty months.
I had not undertaken any meaningful exercise program for a number of years and was overweight and very much out of shape. I had just recovered from shoulder surgery and had experienced a major back injury with accompanying surgery a number of years previously. I was looking for a trainer who would design a program for me which would allow me to strengthen my body while preventing any further injury to my back or shoulder.
Over the twenty months, I lost almost fifty pounds and improved my strength, balance and flexibility.
Jaclyn was supportive and encouraging while ensuring I followed the program she had designed for me. The program has evolved as I have evolved. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends or family, which I have done as my wife, is now also a client of Jaclyn’s.
— Michael B.
Jaclyn is a motivating, enthusiastic and always upbeat trainer. She has kept me focused on the benefits of a physically active lifestyle and makes me want to work hard and be strong. Jaclyn understands what I need and tailors my program so that I can see clearly the benefits. Without her support, and drive, I would not be going to the gym on a regular basis or pushing myself to be active and fit. You are the best!
— Marie L.
Jaclyn is a conscientious trainer who customizes my workout to my specific needs, always challenging but never forceful. She introduces new exercises each session that keep them fresh and reflect her dedication to improving her own skill through frequent training seminars. Jaclyn is an inspiration in her own training: She practices what she preaches! We laugh a lot and accomplish a lot, which is why I have looked forward to our weekly session for over 4 years. Thanks to Jaclyn I am in better shape than I have ever been in my life.
— Doug M.
I have been working with Jaclyn for the past four years. During this time with patience, humor and a little confidence building, she has helped me lose weight, increase my strength, balance and endurance. It has been a great deal of work, but there has been an equal amount of FUN in my workouts. Anyone who is able to keep me working out for four years on consistent basis is all right.
— Alan Y
After seeing Jaclyn three times weekly for a month, I can actually get up from a sitting position and from the ground without holding on to something!! Also, my flexibility, balance, and endurance are improving steadily. Most important, she is a sensitive and caring trainer.
— Joy R.
Jaclyn Willms has been my coach and personal trainer for the past four weeks helping me rehabilitate my back. Over the past few years my back has been giving me trouble and has been getting progressively worse to the point where I had pain doing any kind of upper body work. Since I started working with Jaclyn I have been improving and am now able to do a lot more pain free. Jaclyn has explained the exercices and had me practise them under her supervision. She is very knowledgeable about the role and interrelationship every muscle, bone and ligament plays in the workings of the body. She is very supportive and encouraging and I have enjoyed each of my sessions with her.
— Creena M.
I’ve never been a “gym” person and hadn’t worked out at all in about 7 years but a few years ago I had some extra time on my hands so decided to join a gym. That’s where I met Jaclyn who was teaching a boxing class I started taking. Even though I actually thought I might have a heart attack during that first class, I loved it. Soon after I started personal training with Jaclyn as well. To be honest, if it hadn’t been for her classes and training I probably would have stopped working out after a short time. Instead I’ve been training with Jaclyn for 4 years and I love it! She’s always challenging me with new and interesting workouts and it always leaves me wanting to go back.
— Leigh M.
I am impressed with Jaclyn’s skill and knowledge in several months of working with her. As a senior, I find her approach is encouraging and very effective. She has certainly improved my level of fitness.
— Diane D.
I’m in my 60’s. I haven’t been in a gym since high school. I’ve joined the gym to help me lose weight and be healthy in my senior years.
I didn’t know anything about the machines. I knew my knees were bad and my back went out more times than I did. I was concerned about doing more damage than good, so my wife said lets get a personal trainer.
We met with Jaclyn. She listened to our concerns and questioned us about our health and our goals. We worked out a schedule and we been with her for 5 months. We have both been very pleased with our progress. Jaclyn takes a personal interest in you and she is very conscious not to over work you. How ever you can still work up a good sweat when she knows you can handle a little more.
A word of warning don’t tell her an exercise is easy because she will have you do another way that’s harder.
— Ron R.
Jaclyn helps me work on my strength and focuses on my correct form and range of motion. She started me off slow to make sure I do not get injure. We isolates particular body parts, correct posture and balance. Jaclyn is perfect for serious clients of all ages. She is positive, energetic, kind and a joy as a trainer. Sergeant major Jaclyn Rocks!
— Navyn N.
Jaclyn is an experienced, very knowledgeable personal trainer who in a very professional manner encourages you to achieve goals. Sessions are fun so my exercise times fly by. She also listens very well in incorporating the knowledge of my physical limitations into planning my exercise program. With Jaclyn’s methodical guidance, I have improved my strength, balance, and flexibility for which I am very pleased.
— Ruth B.
During my introductory meeting with Jaclyn I identified my goals as strengthening my back for gardening, and my knees for hiking. And that we did, building gradually from basic core exercises that worked different muscle groups, her clear step by step instructions staying with me long after each session. She led me through a continually changing and creative menu of movements that had my body feeling warm and loose. Perhaps the advice that was the most valuable to me was all about posture, shoulders back, chest and head up, over and over, til she is now sitting on my shoulder as I go about each day. Has it all helped? Gardening is again a pleasure, not an agony, and my son-in-law told my daughter that her Mom looks ten years younger. I suspect that everyone would benefit from a Jaclyn in their life.
— Win